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Special Broadcast Of Vintage Recordings

Spring 2021
Nauck's Vintage Records Broadcast
April 3, April 4 and April 10, April 11


An update to the information we previously announced:  Kurt and his team have completed recording on the broadcast and have let us know of a few changes to the information previously passed on about the format of the program.

We originally announced that the program would be split over two weekends with Part 1 airing the first weekend and Part 2 the second.  Kurt has advised us that, when they recorded the broadcast, they ended up doing so as a single broadcast rather than a two-part broadcast.  His very strong suggestion is for us to run it as a single broadcast over the course of both weekends as the actual on-air content makes no reference to a Part 1 or a Part 2.

The original intention was for the two segments to be about six hours each in length for a total of twelve hours of on-air content. Let's just say that they had a lot of fun and enormous wealth of great material when putting it together so the actual recorded program came out to be about fourteen and a half hours in length.

Thus, instead of a separate six hour broadcast airing on each of the two weekends, there will be a single fourteen and a half hour broadcast that will air in continuous rotation over the course of two weekends.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change from the previously announced format might cause. 

Radio Dismuke is pleased to announce the thirty-first semi-annual Nauck's Vintage Records Broadcast hosted by Kurt Nauck of Nauck's Vintage Records, the world's largest and most prestigious auction house of rare and collectible vintage records.  Nauck's has partnered with Radio Dismuke to share with the public some of the rare and exceptional recordings that pass through their doors before ultimately finding homes in various private collections.

For these special broadcasts, Kurt generously makes all of the nearly 10,000 vintage records in his current auction available for the program.  During the broadcast, Radio Dismuke will depart from its strictly 1920s and 1930s popular music and jazz format and play recordings from just about every musical genre imaginable from the dawn of commercial recorded sound in the 1890s through the end of the 78 rpm era in the late 1950s.  Many of the records in the auction are extremely rare and the vast majority have never been reissued in modern formats.

One of the things that is special about the broadcast is that it will provide listeners a rare opportunity to hear very early cylinder records played through Kurt's Archeophone -  a modern, electrical playback device designed specifically for the reproduction and preservation of vintage cylinder records.    Late 19th century wax cylinder records are especially fascinating because very frequently they are the last surviving copies of the recorded performance.

In addition to vintage cylinders and conventional 78 rpm discs, the broadcast will feature other vintage formats such as Edison diamond discs, radio transcription discs, picture records and cardboard Hit of the Week records.  Radio Dismuke listeners have the opportunity to hear recordings from a wide variety of musical genres ranging from jazz and dance band music to classical, opera, blues, country and even early rock and roll.

The program will play in continuous rotation throughout the the weekends of April 3/April 4 and again on April 10/April 11   

The Nauck broadcasts provide a unique opportunity to hear some extremely rare and historic recordings  - a good number of which have not been available to a public audience in many decades.  It is another example of how Internet radio is able to provide to a worldwide audience highly specialized, quality programming that traditional media outlets are simply not able or willing to take on.


Broadcast Schedule

When converting to your specific time zone, please consider factors such as daylight savings time in your area.   It is highly recommended that you make your time zone calculations using this Conversion Tool which takes factors such as local daylight savings time into consideration. 

Saturday April 3/ Sunday April 3

Saturday April 10/Sunday April 11

The program will be approximately fourteen and a half hours in length and play throughout both weekends in continuous rotation.

North American Listeners
Program starts at 8:00 AM Central Time on Saturday and will continuously repeat all day Saturday and Sunday.   If the current run of the broadcast is still playing Sunday evening when midnight arrives, the broadcast will be allowed to fully complete before Radio Dismuke resumes normal programming for Monday.
International Listeners
Program starts at 13:00 GMT on Saturday and will continue through at least 5:00 GMT Monday morning (which is midnight in the time zone where Radio Dismuke is based).  If the current run of the broadcast is still playing when 5:00 GMT arrives, the broadcast will be allowed to fully complete before Radio Dismuke resumes normal programming for Monday. 


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